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Company Profile

Zhejiang Jianda Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 1987, which is located in Economic Development Zone of Ruian City and with 15,000 building squares. Our company is specialized in plastic machinery manufacturing and with the combination of Development and Researching, manufacturing, sales and service. We have won High-Tech enterprise, patent demonstration enterprise Wenzhou technology innovation enterprise, Wenzhou center of technology development and research honors, etc. We have built ZHEJIANG BOZHOU MACHINERY CO., LTD. in Paojiang Industrial Area Shaoxing City Zhejiang Province, which has 40,000 square meters and started business in 2012.

Our laminating machine in Indonesia

Through the video, we can see the operation of our products

Our Core Values


Services highlights value, credibility creates glories

We value our staff as asset, attach great attention to improve interior service quality, to create service-typed culture; Also we insist on customer service oriented, focus on customer value and customer requirements, to improve external service quality.
We emphasize strengthening the establishment of quality sincerity system, to improve the integrity of the enterprises, construct excellent image of the enterprise and products, promoting the sustainable development of the enterprises.

Innovation leads to development cooperation achieve ‘win- win”

We Insist on technology Innovation, but also to drive forward the Institution renovation, management Improvement and culture construction. We bearing in mind of the principle for sharing, try to create value for our staff, and profit for our clients.


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Our History


We were a rural and small town enterprise in 1985, contracted some government infrastructure projects, but already had large-scale workshops and company.


We transformed from a rural and small town enterprise into a private enterprise in 1987, and began to step into the production of plastic machinery. Our first equipment was a plastic granulator.


We began to produce wire drawing machine and was renamed Ruian Longshan Plastic Equipment Manufactory in 1989.


We moved to the new factory covered an area of 1300 square meters, construction area of about 1500 square meters in 1992 and was formally renamed Ruian Jianda Machinery Factory. We began to produce lamination machine and plastic sheet extruder in the same year.


We began to produce paper cup machine in 1993.


We began to produce polyethylene air bubble film machine in 1995.


The sales volume and production of the lamination machine increased steadily and became our major products in 1996. In the same year, we began to try to develop the equipment for aluminum-plastic compound pipe. How to solve the problem of adhesion between plastics and aluminum was a common technical problem in the same industry at that time. The equipment we developed eventually can produce as many as five layers of aluminum plastic compound pipe.


The market demand for bubble film machine grew gradually in 1997. Our business began to flourish and we produced compound bubble film machine according to demand, which was upgraded from the original two-layer bubble film to five-layer bubble film and was of excellent shock-proof performance.


We tried to export for the first time through a foreign trade corporation and sold a paper cup machine in 1998.


We moved for the second time in 2001 and it covered an area of 4000 square meters. Our production doubled accordingly.


Our compound bubble film machine passed CE certificate in 2002 and other equipment passed CE certificate successively. We took part in Canton Fair in the same year and began to participate in it since then.


We moved for the third time due to demolition of old factory buildings in 2004. It covered an area of 6000 square meters and the production continued to rise with the market demand, the sales volume of bubble film machine was particularly outstanding.


We successfully developed EPE foaming machine and stretch film machine in 2006 and the sales volume was stable. We purchased the land of 15000 square metres and began to build new factory in the same year. We entered a period of rapid development since then.


We obtained the import and export right in 2007 and participated in the first German K Show, which is the top exhibition in the plastic machinery industry. Our air bubble film machine, plastic sheet extruder, plastic cup making machine were sold all over the world continuously since then.


Our products were sold to more than 50 countries of the six continents of the world in 2008. We relocated to a new factory already built and formally renamed it Zhejiang Jianda Machinery Co., Ltd. in the same year, which was the relocation for the fourth time.


We maintained high speed development trend and set up branch company in Shaoxing Zhejiang, Shaoxing Bozhou Machinery Co., Ltd. specialized in the research and development of the major product lamination machine with the attract investment by the government of Shaoxing in 2009. We began to participate in the Chinaplas exhibition since then.


We designed high speed model of stretch film machine in 2010, with the actual production speed reached 150m/min.


The construction of branch company Shaoxing Bozhou Machinery was completed in 2012 and lamination machine project was formally put into production. The branch company had more than 200 employees.


We began to improve the production management system, implemented ERP, CRM, OA system comprehensively, achieved paperless management and realized online inquiries for customers within 24 hours.


We designed high speed type of stretch film machine in 2014 with the actual production speed reached 250m/min.


Actual production line speed of air bubble film machine changed from 15m/min to 25m/min in 2015(this speed is our standard type speed in 2018)


The actual production line speed of the air bubble film machine made a breakthrough again in 2017 and reached 45m/min. The market laying of lamination machine was completed in the same year and we upgraded the machine according to customer feedback. We updated more than ten times according to customer experience within one year, including single-die head double-sided film technology, which could ensure absolute uniform film thickness on both sides of the product. We introduced high speed lamination machine and realized double-side lamination with actual production line speed of more than 250m/min.


We developed an economical and applicable lamination machine according to feedback of customers in India exhibition in order to meet the demand of the masses and avoid waste of investment. This type of machine was successfully put into the market in June 2018.

Why Choose us

We are a team full of responsibility and passion for customers, we advocate learning, good at innovation, sincere cooperation, sincere service, promote win-win, to ensure the fastest time, the best service, the maximum extent to meet the needs of customers, to make continuous contribution to the construction of China's electrical industry.

Why Choose us

1-Long History and Experience:

32 years of machine manufacturing, all kinds of possible models, world wide market basements. Which allows us to be always ahead of infos, we can answer most of your questions, demands, and satisfy your requests. Knowledge comes by time. Jianda’s knowledge is a legacy of three generation.

2-Most professional manufacturing:

Choose machine standard from Economic to Super Speed models. Make all by self from Machine rack to T-Die and Chill Rollers. Select Electrical parts from Chinese to imported brands. We believe quality first but clients must be satisfied, and based on this we slow grown up with our”Jianda” way of machine making. Most important parts we make by ourself to ensure delivery time and quality, and we have most contracted suppliers for other parts to ensure aftersale services. We do maximum effort to make sure clients’ invest do not be wasted.

3-Best & Most Completed Team:

From Designing, buying, quality control, manufacturing, to sales, after sale service, installation, training and market feed back info collection, we all require fast responds withn 24 hours! We provide service of every step of your machine buying from before to after. Each step with our professional tean to give best services. We truly solve your problem, full fill your demands, make sure your business runs with a proper cooperator.


lt is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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