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SEPTEMBER 23, 2019



We will be attending K-Show at October 16th to 23rd in German.

Our Booth:8BF11-01

German Weather:7-15℃,and still in reducing, please keep yourself warm in preparing luggage.

Our Exhibiting Machine:JDLM-300 PLA Extrusion Lamination Machine Lab Model


About Plastic Ban:

In January 2018, the European Union (EU) released its vision for a more sustainable plastics industry to be achieved by the year 2030. Besides promoting plastic recycling, the strategy discusses opportunities and risks of (bio)degradable plastics.1 Development of (bio)degradable polymers has already been on the upswing for several years as they promise solutions to existing problems:Over 250 million tons of commodity plastics annually (mainly polyolefins) are produced worldwide.These polymers are long lasting and show high persistence in the environment, which is seen as an advantage in many applications (such as pipes, aircraft, etc.). However, when they are disposed of in an uncontrolled fashion, they will accumulate in nature for decades (PET bottle has an estimated life expectancy of 274 to 935 years at 100 % relative humidity). Due to their persistence, plastics accumulate in the environment, are fragmented into smaller pieces (often called “microplastics”), and migrate via rivers to the oceans where they form accumulation zones, so‐called “garbage patches”.



What is PLA?

PLA (polylactic acid) is a new kind of biodegradable material which is made from starch renewable plant resources such as corn and cassava. PLA can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature and eventually generate carbon dioxide and water, for this reason recognized as an environmental friendly material.

In our case, PLA plastic is recognized as safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Additionally, it is safe for all food packaging applications. We use it to replace LDPE to coat on Paper to make this product into Paper Cup after work. And make it 100% Biodegradable.


How does PLA degrade?

We must clarify that PLA has to degrade in a certain condition which is 50-60% wet and 50-70degree. Eventually become Carbon Dioxide and Water. If not in certain situation, it won’t degrade.


Reason we show this machine in German:

1-Europian Countries are one of the original place of Policy-Plastic Ban, also is one of the most strict place of plastic ban policies. It will be more convenient for us to show here our company idea and study new knowledge of biodegradable arts to improve in our machines.

2-Right now our clients in entire world are suffering by plastic ban. Meanwhile those biodegradable machines and materials now all over China has too many flaws. We heard a lot of complains from clients like after buying PLA lamination Machine, the work does not as smooth as they expected.(Such as:Can not run all kinds of PLA coating material, too much variation of coating thickness, too thick coating thickness causing too much cost etc…)Thus we decide to show a real coating work at show to show clients how to work with PLA on live and introduce to you our logic of machine making and problems solving.

3-Most of our clients are still holding wait-and-see attitude in PLA biodegradable lamination. We prepared 3 possible investing plans for you. To overcome different kind of investing risks for you. Making sure that you can invest your future without worrying your investments in vain.


Our Advantage:

1-We are well prepared: Even since 2007 we have already entered PLA application and produced the very first PLA sheet Extruder in our province. In 2016, before Plastic Ban Policy public, we have already been visiting those professionals and studying knowledge of this area. We did a lot trial and build our own lab model, investing money spend more than 4 million. We can ensure you that most of your problems that you gonna face, we have mostly already faced them and solved them!

2-We advance in tech: Now in China, most PLA coating machine coating thickness is 30-38gsm, Variation±10%, and can only work for good modified PLA which can by easily processed. However, our tech allows you to do 22-28gsm,Variation±5%, and can work with most of Market PLA material.

3-We are your strongest Backup: Except for machine production, we working day and night testing different kinds of PLA material and finding out their working temperature and art with our 300mm lab model. This equipment has saved more than 3million cost for us and helped us discovered quite much problems as well. Our lab model also is part of our service, with a very small cost, you can use our lab model to test your material, to also help you save your cost. And our knowledge also can be shared with you!

4-As a 32 years’ history company. If there is one thing we most proud of, it is not how good our quality is or technoligy is. It is and only is our attitude of after-sale service. For past 10 years, we can proudly say that we have 0 clients that we faild trust of. And this is our main culture!


We sincerely inviting for your visiting and instructing! If we can have the honor to be your partner, we will use our practice to prove our faith and ability!


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