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posted by: JIANDA

JANUARY 7, 2019


Ever since 2017, an Environmentally Friendly Policy started from Europe and soon spread entire world becoming the top topic of most Countries. Caused the global industry upgrading and elimination. Lots of Industries fall and more new companies rise.

Studying the policies of different countries, their policies normally follows following basic points:

1-Using Biodegradable Material to replace Plastic.

2-For those plastic products, limit their thickness and size and material of different layers to make sure easy recycling.

3-Other policies wastage consumption Etc….

Funny thing is, as one of the world’s largest consumption plastic material, Stretch Film and Bubble Film cannot be banned. As its characters are irreplaceable:


Stretch Film, made from LLDPE, produced by Stretch Film Casting Machine. As its name it requires super Stretching Ability. Even a pure LLDPE stretch film can provide 400-600% Stretching Ability and little sticking ability. Just few rounds of Stretch film which thickness equal to hair, it can wrap 1-ton goods on a pallet and provide perfect fixation and water proof ability. After using it is easy recyclable for re-granulation in Stretch Film Making Machine again to produce a less stretched film. And even by burning it will provide white smoke instead of black. It is the top item for world packaging business.


Bubble film on the other hand, produced by LDPE and Bubble Film Making Machine. Are banned in some countries as it some times can be replaced. But most countries still did not ban it. In my opinion, it is because:

1-Simple manufacturing, just an Extruder and Forming Roller and a winder, you can produce bubble film even with a regular worker.

2-Super ability of Anti-Knock, Anti-collision, water proof and heat resist. (Because of the bubbles and air inside.)

3-Cheap cost of manufacturing. Low invest of machine/material and labor.

The only disadvantage is bubble film is too fluffy thus impossible for long distance shipment. (Shipping cost normally more than the goods value)

But still it is widely used in packaging business to protect our electronics, expensive furniture, online shipping bags etc…

For over 30 years we Jianda Machinery has been focusing making our Stretch Film Making Machine and Bubble Film Making Machine faster capacity, easier operation, lower consumption. But now the times change, by 2018 we developing on making our machines adapting the current situation, to accept different formulas to make environmental friendly products, helping our clients to regain advantage and profit in their business fighting.

As for now, we have done below tests:

1-Using Biodegradable material to make Stretch Film and Bubble Film. We made out the product successfully, but it lost its stretching ability and flexibility, its rigid surface might even hurt the goods surface. We are still studying on this.

2-We searched the market of other countries for formulas, already we have found one masterbatch, its logic is to fasten the biodegradable time of regular plastic from 100 years to maybe just 1 year. Just mixing 1%, you can have an easy degradable stretch film or bubble film with most of its regular nature.

3-Also we are looking for replacements, such like those which already shown on market, new material film, which is biodegradable or water-dissolvent. Seeing if we can make the machine to make them.

As for so far, we believe stretch film and bubble film will not be banned easily, but the study on formulation must continue to upgrade the product.

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