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MAY 6, 2019


Regarding Maintenance:


1-Filter Maintenance:

Net Change:Virgin Material 5-7 days/change. Recycle Material 1 day/change.

Filter Net:80 & 100 Mesh each 1 pc. Or 80 & 120 Mesh each 1 pc.

2-Gear Box Maintenance: Every half year need to change hydraulic oil.

Oil: High temperature gear oil.

Note: Before machine dispatch, in order to safety concern, we will dry the gear box before shipping. Please check gear box oil before you start machine, make sure oil reach the half of the meter before operation.

3-Electrical Box Dust Clean:3-5 Days/Time,use air gun blow the electrical box.

4-Machine Lubrication:According to machine operation status, check how long the bearings and gears will get dry, and do lubrication work. Especially the bearings of our extrusion laminating machine.

5-When new laminating machine arrive factory, the first-time operation, when temperature reach around 200degree, tight all the bolts before start motor, this will be very helpful to make sure no material leakage due to machine shipping and bolts got loose.

Other Matters need Attention:

1-Those you need to observe during machine running:Is temperature reaching the certain set temperature,is it over high or over low, is the AC meter working every few seconds?

If temperature is over high:Wrong Cable connection or broken SSR.

If Temperature is too low can’t go up or go up too slow: First check heater if broken, or thermocouple broken, then check SSR and Cable connection.

2-Ground level work must be done, to make sure machine balancing. So does the machine parts.

2-If silicon roller get dirty or material sticking, make sure not clean it by knife!!! Can only use tool as Bamboo chip as cleaning tool. If there is any minor transformation or scar on roller surface, you will see sparks and scars on paper after printing, to solve it, you can do Concentric Polishing to fix it.

Note:  Please if possible prepare one silicon roller as spare. (Stock way must be very careful to prevent roller gets aged. Normally one roller can stock for 1 year) After 1st roller broken. Do not throw it away, keep the core for silicon coating for next roller, this will save a lot money.

9-For the Die lip cleaning, must use copper plate or ruler, must not use Steel or Iron Plate, that will cut the lip which is very expensive for fixing.

(Every time before Machine Starts, workers have to clean T-Die until material coming out has no lines and particles.)

10-When doing the cable connection, make sure PLC line is away from any other lines at everywhere. So, there will be no interference. All other cable path must make sure cables won’t be stepped or pressed. Meanwhile lamination will create quite a static, make sure the ground line is deeper than regular.

11-According to paper size difference (Compare with machine size.) the Winder air pressure must be increased or reduced. Detail data please consult our engineers.

12-Machine require a small compressor but with a bigger level Air Tank. For Stable pressure maintain.

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