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MAY 31, 2019



Air Bubble Mailer bag, starting famous by 2015, due to its high profit, cheap production cost and easy manufacturing. Remain one of the top investing product even in 2019. We Zhejiang Jianda Machinery Co,.Ltd. As a long history factory of 34 years, and the earliest manufacture of Air Bubble Film Making Machine in Ruian. We never give up on researching new technologies to make our machine better for such production.



Mailer Bag require Beautiful/ Protection/ Printing Logo etc…So it will require an 4th Layer on the extrusion three layers. This compounding material can be: EPE Foam, Craft Paper, MPET Foil, Multi-layer Film etc…But whatever this material is, it can’t be as recyclable as PE bubble film before. So how to reduce the wastage of Failure Bags, is our permanent topic of studying.


First, we changed the process art of forming roller making, keeping the old double jacket super polishing and high hardness chrome plating, we increase quality by adding a side sucking hole. To let the air sucking stay in one zone instead of entire roller, which increase a lot better sucking stableness and much better cooling effect.


Unlike Traditional T-Die, we now use Inner Block Lamination Grade T-Die. Mat Surface for easy clean and hard to broke. (Inside Mirror Surface treatment) Inner Blocking perfectly solved the problem of the variation problem caused by outer blocking and size changing offend of bag making. And it does not require stopping machine for blocking size! Much more efficiency and better quality. Also, our insisting A1.2133 German T-Die material and Double Thick T-Die Request, allows you working with special formulation high temperature control and T-Die never transform under big weight and high temperature!


Comparing with traditional winder, if we need to increase winding diameter. (Which is a must for mailer bag making or rolls will be finishing too soon.) Winder itself can be even 3 meters high after modification, which is difficult for workers to take it off in such height, such weight. Our new winder design, cutter from up to down. Even with 1.5M winding diameter, winder itself is not much bigger than before. And we installed Inverter Control winder to make the winding smoother and more stable. Make sure every detail of the film making remains beautiful.

Comparing with traditional 2 extruder extrusion 3-layer, traction body by Groove Steel. New machine uses 3 extruder extrusion 3 layer, (Based on article request, we even 3 extruder 3 T-Die and 5 Extruder Three T-Die etc…) To make sure the different formulation of each layer of mailer bag making, allows you get maximum bonding strength and remain bag rigid. Iron Plate Type Machine body increased too much weight of traction, but as return it doubled the stableness of forming and compounding.


Automatic Tension & Automatic EPC Unwinder. Or Double Automatic Tension & EPC unwinder, to help you reduce machine control difficulties.


For more infos of our technology, please feel free to contact me, we will serve you with China Leading Technical Team and Best attitude. Making sure you get a machine which most suitable for your needs! Helping you defeat those competitors in your business!


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