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 JULY 12, 2019



Model B Type Extrusion Laminating Machine,Market also calls as Generation 2 model. Have feature of Mechanical Speed 210M/Min, Coating Speed 180M/Min, full automatic, high efficiency etc…Mainly used for Paper Lamination with PE, or Double Side coating etc…For making products of Paper cups, Paper Box, plates etc…



Machine Component:

Single Screw Extruder (HydraulicFilter)

Filter and Connector(Connector with Static Mixer)

T-Die(Lamination Grade Path Design, Inner Blocking)

Extruder vehicle(Wheel Front&Back, Need to be bolted to ground for locking)

Extruder and T-Die Heating Control Box(Digital Temperature Control,Low Variation Automatic Control)

Main Unwinder(Double Station Ground Type,Automatic Tension&EPC)

Corona Treater

Compounding Machine(Big Chill Roller-Mat/Gloss Surface, Silicon Roller, Back Press roller, Hydraulic Adjusting)

Trimming(trimming+wastage blowing)

Winder(Double Station Automatic Changing&Cutting by Cutter, Hydraulic Un-Loading.)

Electrical Control(PLC Touchscreen Control, Inner Loop Tension Control, Screw linkage with traction so no matter what speed thickness of coating remain same.)


Base Material:Nonwoven、Paper、Woven、Foam etc…(Mainly for Paper)

Coating material:PP、PE etc…

Coating Thickness:10-100 g/㎡

Coating Size(Max):1200/1600/1900mm


Laminating Machine Producing Logic:

Plastic Granula go through Extruder, get heated-Melted-Extruded into Static Mixer for further Pressure increasing and melting and mixing, into T-Die and extruding out. Inner block T-Die allows you to adjust the coating width without machine stop and coating variation.

Main Unwinder Feeding, go through Corona and directly into compounding.

Coated with PP/PE/PLA on Compounding Roller, Get cooled down by Chill Roller, and into trimming device and then winder.

Winder has Automatic Tension Control before winding, Two high precise air valve for air shaft pressure pressing on Winding Roller to make sure winding even. Automatic Changing by Cutter Blade.

Normally, Unwinder Roll Changing and Winder Roll Changing are at same time. So each connector part is at the end of each roll.



Other Optional Function Modules: (This B model has advantage of Heavy Frame, fully Automatic Design, High Speed but not too high speed, so is very easy to be a base model for customize models. )

Single Side or Double Side Coating Option.(Save wastage, get double side coating down without loosing tension of quality,double capacity for cold drink cups)

Auto-Splicer and Shaft less Unwinder(Save paper wastage, allow clients to change paper rolls without slowing down machine speed)

Turrent Type Unwinder(Suitable for low gsm base material)

Extra Unwinders(According to requests)

Turrent Type Winder(Suitable for low gsm base material, protecting material surface hurt from friction winder)

PLA Biodegradable Coating(For making 100% Biodegradable Paper Products,Coating Thickness can be minimum 25g/㎡, Save 30% of your coating cost than any other China Machines)

Other Modules, please contact us for your special customization。

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