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 posted by: JIANDA

 MARCH 18, 2019


Ever since we successfully developed PLA Lamination Machine technology, and become China lowest gsm coating company with least thickness variation. We never satisfied what we accomplished, but keep searching for new ideas and gather our clients’ feedback of ideas and investing worrying.

Thus, we now have new service we can provide to help client make profit in this global environmental wave~

1-PLA/PE double use model: One Machine, Two Extruder separate. This way ensures there will be no left material inside screw while material changing, which might cause failure in exporting test or reduce product quality. As for my personal opinion, this way the best result is reducing the clients’ investing risk. As client can always buy the PE Modular first, after familiar with our quality and producing arts, wait until PLA requirement rise to enough level, then buy the PLA modular part. This way your investing risk and production cost reduce to minimum.


2-PLA Modular Separate Selling Service. There were, and still are many clients complain about their factory extrusion laminating machine was bought just recently, they can’t afford to retire this old machine or buy an extra PLA lamination machine, this would be an over investment for money and land. As for those clients, we present a selling of Independent PLA Modular, you can directly put this extruder on your old machine, and start making PLA products. The PLA Extruder will be modified based on your old compounding unit. And can be linked as Automatic or semi-automatic running.


3-PLA Coating Machine Function Rise. Because of our philosophy of PLA Extrusion is different than others, we search for Best melting ability and lowest variation. And our production does not require Crystallization System, thus our same model can also work for some high required material such as TPU or TPE, if you happen to have such requirement also, you might want to contact us for discussion to make this product also in same machine.


No matter which service we are providing, we will always make sure best melting quality and lowest production cost first. We will do all we can to help our clients defeat their competitor by not only quality in product, but also cost saving in production.

Meanwhile, our tech break has also affected our sheet extruder, Stretch film Making Machine and Bubble Film Making Machine. Even Blowing Machine and Bag Makings. We and our partner companies are working hard to make our world a better place. And I, as a humble machine manufacture. Will always remain humble and study harder to help our clients with best we can.

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